Spa Treatments

Throughout this menu, you will find various facials and spa treatments that we offer. Our highly trained estheticians use different products and methods to create a tailored solution to fit your skincare needs. Our advanced treatments offer a remedy for almost every skin care challenge, whether you have acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dry and/or damaged skin.

For first visits, we require a credit card to hold your appointment. You may move or cancel your appointment up until 24 hours before the start time. For no shows or cancellations under 24 hours, we will charge 50% of the scheduled service, but only if we cannot fill the space with another appointment. We will do our best to fill the spot, but have to charge so that our commissioned team gets paid for their time.We ask that all phones and electronics be kept on silent for the duration of your visit at Lennonheads. Please feel free to use your headphones!Children are only allowed in the service areas when they are receiving a service.Teenagers and children who come in for a hair appointment without a parent present will have direct control over their service. If you are unable to accompany them but have specific requests or rules for their hair, please give us a call before their service begins.